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The Freewheeling Yo La Tengo January 18, 2008

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Yo La Tengo is truly one of the best bands that there has ever been…I’ve seen them live twice now, and the first show was the absolute best rock show that I’ve ever attended. It was loud, there was lots of distortion and feedback, and I fell in love with Georgia, the drummer. Yes, I know she’s taken, damn it. Anyway, this last show was an acoustic(ish) one and it was perfect for the serious YLT fan.

You don’t find many rock stars that seem all that nice these days. NONE of them seem to be all that funny either…the members of YLT are definitely an exception to this, however. They honestly seem like the kind of people that you’d want to come over for dinner. OK so I’ll stop gushing and say that I wish I had some good photos, but due to the lighting of the show, it was quite difficult to get anything of value with the flash off. I’m nothing if not respectful.

Recommended song to tell you how great they are: Sugarcube. It’s truly one of the best songs ever recorded.

An amazing songwriter by the name of Kurt Wagner (frontman of the Nashville alt-country band Lambchop) was the opening act. My idiot husband and his friend almost fell asleep but no one said that either of them has good taste. Luckily, Gene Gene the Dancing Machine loved it, as did I, and we’re already becoming big fans of this guy. He was like Randy Newman and Wilco and Warren Zevon and David Sylvian all rolled up in one person. If you have the chance to catch this show, DO it. You won’t regret it, as long as you stay awake.