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The Big Sleep March 9, 2008

I went to see Say Hi the other night, last Thursday to be exact, at Local 506 in Chapel Hill. I usually hate opening bands so I was amazingly unprepared for the two fantastic ones who performed before Say Hi…The Big Sleep being the middle band, and the subject of this gushing post.

The Big Sleep

I take dreadful photos usually, but I do still make the effort, unless the bands are so insanely good that I can’t be bothered to take the time to look away in order to figure out how to turn the flash off. The photos here are from Gene, my show companion and close friend. OK so on to The Big Sleep! I can’t really describe them accurately, unfortunately. They were hard. They were kinetic, they were LOUD, and they were truly and utterly magnificent. I love female bass players (and drummers, can’t forget Georgia!) and I love bands who look so intense when they play, that you feel almost worn out by the time the song ends. Their set went by way too quickly, but I did manage to drunkenly stagger up to the front and buy both of their cds, which fully live up to the sound they had live.

The Big Sleep

They are a threesome, from Brooklyn NY, with listed influences like Led Zeppelin and Funkadelic, both of which were quite apparent. I thought they sounded a lot like “Red“-era King Crimson, but none of my show companions agreed, being nasty people who enjoy arguing. Their drummer, the lovely Gabe (according to their MySpace page) was soaked with sweat within about 30 seconds of the first song, so I was as happy as a clam. Clem Burke can go to hell now. I’ve no need for him.


Say Hi (To Your Mom) Show October 30, 2007

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My good friend and fellow show attendee Gene Gene The Dancing Machine has a good review of the Say Hi show with much better photos so check that out. The show was great…not much to say other than these guys are so insanely unpretentious that I felt like I was seeing The Pixes 15 years ago. If you haven’t heard their stuff you need to check them out. It’s just really, really well-done stuff.

Say Hi show Local 506

Say Hi show Local 506 photo 3

Say Hi show Local 506 photo 2


What’s New Siouxsie Sioux? August 4, 2007

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Siouxsie Sioux

My lack of posting to this blog has more to do with the fact that I’m not usually a fan of new music than my general laziness about writing. The most exciting news that I’ve heard lately is that Siouxsie Sioux is coming out with a solo record. However, I’m not holding my breath that it’s going to be mindblowing. It will probably be better than most crap out there since she’s insanely good at what she does, but solo albums, as a rule, are not my thing. Still, she’s looking good and I look forward to hearing her newest release. It’s coming out September 11th, 2007 and you can currently pre-order it at Amazon…a bit pricey though as this is an import for us in the US.


Thou Shalt Not Use Poetry, Art or Music to Get into Girls’ Pants June 26, 2007

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 …Use It to Get into Their Heads

I’ve referenced this song before (in a video way down below) but it’s worth mentioning further. If you’ve not heard this song, go listen. It’s extremely quality stuff.

That’s it really.


Looking For A Few Good New Videos Are You? June 20, 2007

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OK since I am renowned for hating new bands, I thought I’d remedy that with a few videos of new(ish) videos that I think are just fantastic. Maybe you’ve heard of these guys, maybe not…check them out though.

Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip

LCD Soundsystem (not the best quality audio but still a fine piece)