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Rock Goddesses Part 3: Kate Bush July 13, 2007

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Kate Bush

Kate Bush hopefully needs no introduction but she seems to inspire either insane devotion or total hatred amongst people I know. Those of us who are rabid fans love everything from her theatrical performances to her operatic voice, but I know of several people I was in college with who wanted to kill me every time I played her music. In terms of rock goddesses, she has so much class that I hestitate to even list her. Not saying the others don’t but Kate has something different really. She was one of my idols back in high school–I think it was the hair. You don’t see anyone with that level of creativity anymore, which is quite a shame!

Here’s the video for “Wuthering Heights”–probably the best piece of music she’s ever done. Possibly one of the best pieces of music ANYONE has ever done honestly…


One Response to “Rock Goddesses Part 3: Kate Bush”

  1. I’ve found that each of here CDs has at least one song that pretty much blows you away.

    Her latest double CD, Aerial, was one of the best CDs of last year IMHO. I was really surprised it didn’t receive more press, but much like The Jam I don’t think she’s as nearly big over here as she is in Great Britain.

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