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Rock Goddesses Part 2: Annabella Lwin July 12, 2007

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Annabella Lwin

Annabella Lwin was so much more than what you saw in the “I Want Candy” video…honestly, that’s one of my least favorite Bow Wow Wow songs. The one hit wonders usually are.

First of all, if you’ve never actually listened to Bow Wow Wow, you should. So many people think of them as fluff but that band had amazing rhythm and talent. Songs like “TV Savage” and “See Jungle See Jungle!” were absolutely brilliant. Annabella is like every mother’s nightmare too, the sexualized 14 year old hanging out with the older boys. Her voice is amazing and her style was incredible. Have you ever seen any other woman look THAT good with a mohawk?

I admit to not being a big fan of her solo work, but as a rock goddess back in her day of glory, she was truly close to perfect.


9 Responses to “Rock Goddesses Part 2: Annabella Lwin”

  1. badmathematics Says:

    i loved her and we shared the same birthday. i agree see jungle, see jungle was brilliant. you’ve made me wanna hear it again. i’m going to have to go through my cassettes!

  2. She’s a fashion icon, and all the fashion of the 80s seem to be coming back now.

  3. She was truly amazing…definitely a fashion icon, but I seriously wanted to BE her when I was growing up. Bow Wow Wow is such a fantastic band.

  4. This is the laundrette where she was working when she was ‘discovered’


    I’m going to make the trip to West Hampstead and take a few pictures of it soon.

  5. Ian Says:

    I’ve always admired women who were sexy yet also unconventional and diferent, and what could have been more unique than a georgeous mulatto chick with a mohawk, a beutiful voice, a quirky sense of humor and an exotic sense of style. She was a realy special one. Kind’a like the Gwen Stephanie of her day, ya’know a sexy girl singer with a quirky bent, and I think that everyone who encounterd ‘Bow Wow Wow realy remembers her because she was such a lovely girl who realy set herself apart and stood out. I’m just sory that she did’nt keep up and stay in the game. Funny how some truely extraordinary people drop out of sight, while some others, whom you wish would already, never do. Oh well. Unfortunately I don’t know her recent work , but I’le try to check it out. Thanks Mr. McClaren. You may be primarily known as the guy who founded ‘The Sex Pistols, and they were alright an’all, but I think that you realy got this one right, and thanks Ms. Lwin for just being you.

  6. gokkun Says:

    I really liked her, and the controversial photos were great! I mean, I’m only two years her senior, so I don’t think I should be faulted for liking her in states of undress! A lovely girl with a fantastic voice.

  7. Tad Davis Says:

    I always loved Anabella … she had an amazing voice and an intense sex appeal. I wish the group had lasted longer, they had a very innovative sound for their time. It pisses me off when people refer to them as one-hit wonders. They’re truly a band that hasn’t got the credit they deserve. I was in high school at the time and became a huge fan of theirs … and Anabella was sort of like a goddess to me. Maybe I held her in a special place because I was the same age as her, but she was so awesome, and listening to her voice still moves me.

  8. hippymummy Says:

    I wanted to be Annabella when i grew up too! She was smart, funny, not scared of anyone and, of course, stunningly beautiful. Even though she was held up as being “taken advantage of ” by McClaren she never seemed to fall prey to the seedy side of the music industry. I wondered what had become of her once Bow Wow Wow had slipped off the music radar and look forward to catching up. This band had hit on the burundi beat/african drum sound long before it was grabbed by the mainstream and became popular. I’m happy to have found your site, thanks xXx

  9. Maxi Says:

    Hey i often wonder where is Annabelle and what is she doing now, what does she look like all these years later, has she aged like the rest of us? can someone let me kn as im so curious x thanks

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