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Sparklehorse Likes Me (I Think) June 18, 2007

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I saw Sparklehorse live a few months back and never got the chance to write anything about them. I did, however, stalk Mark Linkous (the lead singer) on MySpace for a bit and he was quite nice and responsive so I think we’re close to hanging out and getting coffee together. OK maybe not but I can dream. Anyway, we were right up front for the show and it was utterly fantastic. Johnny Hott, whom I have mentioned before in a House of Freaks post, drummed like Clem Burke on a meth bender (that’s good in case you can’t tell.) The only downside was that there was some insanely drunk/high hippie wandering around up front bumping into everyone. Oh, and there were some idiotic frat boys who kept cursing loudly and yelling at the band which was fairly obnoxious since Hott’s little girl was dancing onstage with them for most of the show.

OK enough about the show–it was good and that’s the point. Until recently, Sparklehorse had the distinction of being the band of “the last cd I bought way back in 2001” but I broke down and purchased a few more recently. They are one of those bands whose newest release I get really excited about. Many times you’re seriously disappointed but so far (knock on wood) I have never been even remotely let down by their work. They can change lineups and sound totally different but they still sound amazing. They actually have a song featured in a Volvo ad which is both strange and somewhat comforting since it makes me think that at least someonewith good taste is handling these bits of marketing.

Here’s a video you might like…this song never gets old.


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