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Raveonettes to Gun Club to Sisters of Mercy June 12, 2007

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At the Seattle Raveonettes show, they did a cover of the Gun Club’s “Sex Beat”…in case you didn’t know it, Patricia Morrison (of Gun Club fame) was also in Sisters of Mercy, one of my alltime favorite bands. I first got interested in Sisters of Mercy back in my death rock days (of which I shudder to think about) but I do still think they hold up over time. Before Morrison joined the band they had a different sound, less industrial. Their debut album “First and Last and Always” is just superb so if you’re in the mood for good Gothic stuff, check it out. I am going to pop in the video for “Black Planet” below too…it’s always been my favorite of theirs. I think they’re a good semi-Gothic band actually. Nothing to get too freaked out about and you don’t have to don eyeliner and leather to listen to them but they will make you feel like watching The Hunger again.


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