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More on Midnight Movies June 9, 2007

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Midnight Movies live in Seattle

Since I only gave a brief mention to Midnight Movies in my post about the Seattle Raveonettes show, I thought I’d do a little more here about them. I did buy both albums at their show and I have to say that while I think they’re better live, the albums are still really really good. Maybe I shouldn’t say they are “better” live–they just have an amazing energy that doesn’t necessarily translate when you’re not getting a visual.

I do enjoy a band with a female drummer, like Yo La Tengo especially, and Midnight Movies had two of them! They also did a nice flute bit, which is quite rare in good indie rock today. The things I have read about them talk about their psychadelic vibe, which came through quite well live, but I think they are a little more progressive sounding than that label makes them seem. They certainly don’t sound like anyone else.

When I spoke to the band members, who were all quite friendly, they were talking about how they don’t have a current record contract (that’s what I recall anyway, but I had a bit of wine beforehand) which is both amazing and typical. There are a ton of great bands out there with a unique sound, but the general public never seems to want to hear them. Honestly, if you’re opening for The Raveonettes, you’re doing something right. Previously they opened for Blonde Redhead, another band that’s gotten lots of good press in the indie scene.

Rather than spending your time describing their sound, take a tour of the Midnight Movies website and listen to them! Take a chance and buy their cds and have the joy of spreading their music to your friends. I have a good friend named Gene…he is always turning me onto really good new music, when I had previously resisted most people’s efforts. Through my friendship with him, I have learned that there ARE good new bands out there. It doesn’t matter who likes them, how popular they are, or anything else other than how they make you feel, so buy a cd from an indie band you’ve never heard of. You just might come across your next favorite band this way.


3 Responses to “More on Midnight Movies”

  1. Such a naive grrl. I had to introduce her to the Shins, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (who’s sophomore CD was quite lacking), Say Hi To Your Mom (a band not on many people’s radar), Tullycraft (you can’t forget Tullycraft) and others… BUT it’s hard to drag Julie out of her adoration of 80’s music. That’s not to knock 80’s music, because I’m certainly a fan (anyone who looked at my iTunes library would agree)… but there has been great music made since December 31, 1989 (see first sentence for examples).

    Now if I could just get her to like the Frames my mission would be complete.

  2. Ciaran Says:

    From what I remember (& had easily as much wine as you, so don’t quote me on this), they do have a contract in the US, but no distribution deal in the UK – which is crazy!

  3. Me, Julie Says:

    Ciaran–I think you’re right sir. Those details eluded me but you’re right!

    I hate admitting it though. Damn you…

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