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Midnight Movies and The Raveonettes in Seattle June 8, 2007

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Raveonettes Live at The Triple Door
On my first visit to Seattle, a city that I absolutely loved, I got to see a show at the Triple Door, which could seriously be the coolest venue in the United States. The Raveonettes were headlining…for those of you who are unfamiliar with them, they are quite possibly the most amazingly unique band out there right now. They have a kind of creepy 50’s style and sound which gives a somewhat menacing tinge to a genre that is usually pretty sweet and mild-mannered. The Triple Door was a perfect showcase for their style as well. I went with four others and we were seated at the front right at the stage, with a perfect view of everything. The Triple Door has incredible food and the wine is even better (and I should know, since we drank a fortune in it)…this, all coupled with the two amazing bands, made for a truly unforgettable evening.

The Raveonettes seem to be quite well known in many parts of the world so I hope you’ve heard of them. If you haven’t, give them a listen. I was quite impressed to see them setting up their own equipment, and then selling their own t-shirts (one of which I bought from none other than Sharin Foo, the insanely perfect girl in the band.) I don’t want to disparage The Jesus and Mary Chain really, but if they had had loads of talent on their first album, they might have aspired to be The Raveonettes. I also don’t want to just give you a superficial opinion but I will anyway because they are the two coolest looking people in music right now. I’m convinced of it. They did a fairly short set but it was just enough to satisfy everyone. They were also kind enough to come out for an encore AND they drank wine throughout the set, which is something I have never seen anyone do (they’re usually all swilling cheap beer) so that gave it even more class, if that’s possible. A few of the guys with me had not heard them but they were thrilled with the show.

The opening band was Midnight Movies and, as I told their drummer (who also played with The Raveonettes in their set), I am usually praying for the opening band to leave the stage. This time, I was hoping they would stay longer. Any band with a girl drummer is good news to me but they had TWO girls playing drums. I can’t play drums…just ask my high school band teacher, so I am amazed when anyone has that amazing powerful rhythm. These girls were also insanely gorgeous. The poor guys in the band must almost die having to be near them. And maybe I haven’t mentioned it, but they were incredibly good. I bought both of their cds actually…something I never do. In fact, a few people in our party enjoyed their set even more than The Raveonettes, which is quite a nice stamp of approval.

Check them both out…amazing performances from everyone and truly one of the best evenings of my life. If you go to The Triple Door, please try the molten lava cake! And whatever you do, get to a live show if you can. A live show of any decent band really–you can hear some great music and learn about new bands as well. Here’s a quick video we shot of The Raveonettes…

The Raveonettes
Midnight Movies


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